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Our industry is waking up!  Join the movement in uniting independent bridal stores in a dialogue with manufacturers, markets and media sources to revolutionize our industry!  There is strength in numbers - Join the hundreds of other stores that have already committed to supporting NBRA!

NBRA is a 501c6 Non-Profit

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be the national voice of Brick and Mortar bridal stores. Together we can effect change in our industry to strengthen our businesses. It's time to open a dialogue with manufacturers so we can work together towards change. NBRA will also work to stop the spread of misinformation about our industry and be the touch point for media sources!


Never before has our industry come together to effect change. Our voices are small individually, but LOUD when we stand together!  Join now to help support the movement.  

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NBRA is proud to partner with other industry groups:

American Bridal and Prom Industry Association (ABPIA), International Bridal Manufacturers Association (IMBA), the Better Bridal Group (BBG), The White Dress Society and Bridal Boutiques US.

Public Relations

NBRA is now the unified voice of bridal store owners!  We vow to fight the onslaught of mis-information that plagues our industry and encourage brides to shop independently owned bridal stores.

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Our Mission

The Mission of the National Bridal Retailers Association (NBRA) is to consolidate the voices of all independent bridal store owners to effect change in our industry.  NBRA will also work to strengthen the public image of shopping in brick and mortar bridal stores.  By providing education, services and support that encourages brides to visit our local bridal stores we aim to increase the profitability of our members.

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"The power of uniting stores across the country will be a game changer for our industry. In this ever changing world of retail, being a part of an organization like this will help us all stay ahead in our markets."

Kristin Carlson
Owner of Bridal Elegance, Grand Rapids, MI

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The time has come to work together to strengthen our industry. We face adversity from many sides: Chinese knock-off's, factory direct stores and media misinformation. Join today and fight with us to ensure our future is secure.


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