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National Bridal Retailers Association (NBRA) is focused on having higher standards and values in order to support its mission of success and high industry integrity for individual members and our organization as a whole.  This Code of Conduct was developed to help our members meet and exceed those standards.  NBRA members are to embody and abide by this Code of Conduct to maintain the integrity of NBRA, fellow members and to remain in good membership standing.

NBRA is a values-based organization with the purpose of providing communication with manufacturers, reps, markets and media sources to strengthen our industry.  When members stray from our purpose, it discredits our organization and our members.

The NBRA Code of Conduct is as follows:

  • NBRA members will always show mutual respect to fellow members. Every member is entitled to openly present his or her own ideas and will never feel limited in what he or she shares with the organization.  “Bullying” or “Ganging Up” on any member is unacceptable.
  • Promoting your own side-business is strictly prohibited. NBRA is a place for stores to interact with stores only.
  • Members of NBRA will not openly or consistently be found to be transshipping. Transshipping is one of the industry issues we were formed to combat.
  • Inappropriate jokes, comments, pictures or video are not to be posted in the forum.
  • NBRA members who conduct business with one another (consignment, selling samples, etc.) should always pay their debts to each other promptly.  Owing money to another NBRA store is grounds for losing your membership and access to any paid events without a refund.
  • NBRA members will project a professional image and uphold the highest standards of professionalism.
  • NBRA members will not engage in conduct or activities involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or discrimination – especially towards another NBRA member.
  • NBRA members will not make disparaging, false claims about other members of NBRA or NBRA sponsors/supporters.
  • NBRA members will not use NBRA as a means to start a competing organization or do anything that would hurt NBRA’s reputation, diminish the effectiveness of the organization or harm its reputation in the bridal community.
  • Will not engage in conduct unbecoming of a NBRA member in general.

The goal of our Code of Conduct is to maintain a safe place for our members to learn, support each other and thrive. NBRA and the NBRA Advisory Committee are committed to the positive virtues and aspects that are acceptable for our community as a whole.  NBRA membership is at-will. Should NBRA become aware that a member is in violation of this Code of Conduct, they may lose their membership and privileges at any time with no expectation of a refund of dues or paid events. NBRA reserves the right to update the Code of Conduct as needed.

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